Savoir Faire Privacy, Refund/Return, and Shipping Policies

Privacy Policy Savoir Faire collects data from our registrants to allow our exhibitors to offer merchandise and services that align with the needs of our attending brides. While this information is provided to our participating vendors to allow them to make special value added and discounted offers as well as special offerings not often available to the general public, we do not sell nor make this information available to non-participants. Your ticket purchase confirms an agreement with these terms of service. Our contracts with participating Savoir Faire vendors allow us to assess significant penalties to any contracted vendor who provides this information to outside parties regardless of the manner in which this information is given or sold to such outside parties. If any vendor violates the terms of our agreement and a bride who has attended our show is not treated in a professional manner by that vendor, then the attendee bride may You may opt out of these emails by contacting or contacting the vendors directly.

Refund/Return Policy for on-line tickets Savoir Faire provides a discount for pre-purchased tickets and they are issued immediately following the purchase process. As a result, we do not offer any refund or return allowance for pre-purchased tickets. All such sales are final.

Shipping Policy Tickets purchased on our site are immediately available for delivery. These tickets will be provided to the purchaser's own printer or smartphone via email link. No shipping by conventional means is necessary.